With Women’s Day fast approaching, what better time to implement a complete wellbeing module for women.

With Her is a series of workshops and sessions that have been well received and reviewed by women across India, Europe, South East Asia. etc.  

The sessions combine interactive discussions and physical practices that help women to find joy, peace and purpose in their busy day. With simple and proven techniques, we assure health and happiness to improve within a week of practice.

Hi I am Nuthan Manohar, an International Trainer, Primary Researcher, TEDx Speaker and ET HR World HR Summit Speaker on wellbeing.

For the last one decade I have found my calling in helping others become resilient to stress, to sleep deep and stay happy and motivated. 

have worked extensively with the women groups, women’s colleges and corporate clubs to assist women discover the best version of themselves.

Miss Kerala, Miss South India, Nirbhaya, Gofrendly, Navy Women’s Association, Apollo Types Yoga Alliance etc are few of the women centric work I have done recently. 

With Her Testimonials

“For me, it actually helped to keep me focused and relaxed in between by busy schedule. To start a day with much peace and happiness and to release and relax all myy worries and tensions I go through .Thank you so much Nuthan Mam, you are wonderful”
Arya Suresh

Business Analyst, Cognizant

”Simple and unique exercises were presented and can easily be incorporated into our every day routines!

Thank you for the session on stress. It was fun.”


Shyamalatha Devi

Manager, Discovery

“It was everything I didn’t know I needed. Truly unforgettable. I could feel the benefits of the experience from day one.  The sessions were adjusted to my level and combined with essential oils, ayurvedic diet and soothing chants.”
Diana Millos

CEO & Travel Influencer , Diana Millos @dianamiaus

Did You Know? State of Women’s Wellbeing in India


   3 of 4 working women in India are suffering from various lifestyle disorders.


50% of all working women feel increased stress levels due to pandemic.


WHO in its 2020 survey concluded India as the most depressed country, and a lot more women than men in India have depression.

More than 25% of women in India have      been diagnosed with hormonal imbalances connected to sedentary lifestyle, stress etc.

  Over 80% of women in India do not exercise. Combined with nutritional deficiencies this leads to poor cognitive functions and health. 


The saddest statistic is that while India accounts for 16% of world woman population, we are 36% of woman suicides.

This Women’s Day, let’s show we care by offering women in our team a chance to learn skills that have deep impact on their wellbeing – both physical and mental.

With Her The Complete Wellbeing Package for Working Women

We have for you team  Tailored Workshops + Interactive Discussions + Daily Practice Session + Community Support for complete wellbeing.

Here are the modules of With Her


Sweet Spot

 A special workout and breathwork, designed for women to help release pain and heal – inside out.  Special emphasis on hormonal health.

60 Minutes.

Women have the unique ability to experience joy and pleasure in every part of their body. When we tap into this ability, we heal and we release not just physical pains but also mental trauma.

Assisted stretching and powerful breathwork that helps one let go of what no longer serves. 

Goddess Archetype

 Understanding your innate personality and honoring your true nature. Understanding areas of conflict and how to resolve them.

75 Minutes

Carl Jung had proposed the archetype theory, here is a much beloved feminine take on it. The session has helped many women to discover their strengths and also overcome their weakness.

At work place this means grater productivity, better negotiation and empathy.

Morning Sessions

 Convenient, thirty minute practice sessions for an entire month. A time to smile, stretch, sweat and reconnect with the self.  

30 Minutes Weekdays

Theory alone is not sufficient, the need of the hour is to handhold women to practice these techniques. A unique opportunity to be part of a morning community that practices wellbeing.  Here is a chance to understand about a wide area of topics like nutrition, hormonal health, resilience, skin care, pain relief etc.

Tailored Workshops

 Additional Interactive Workshops. Based on your requirements we offer customised workshop on Stress, Happiness, Motivation, Sleep etc.

60 Minutes + 30 Minute Follow Up

Our sought after workshops include Quick Unstress, Instant Happiness, Sleep Deep etc. Interventions that teach the science, the cause and simple techniques suitable for a busy life.

How to Participate in the Contest


STEP ONE: SCHEDULE A 15 MINUTE CALL WITH US for a chance to win WITH HER for your team.

STEP TWO: During the call we shall note down the following information related to your organization. 

  • Total number of employees and total number of women employees in your organization
  • Total number of employees in top management and number of women employees in top management
  • Initiatives to improve wellbeing and leadership of women in your organization
  • We shall be offering the complete With Her Package for FREE to three outstanding organizations
  • To know more let’s get on a call. LET’S TALK

STEP THREE: We shall mail you the results. All the best

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