Meaning & Motivation

Be A Light Unto Yourself

An interactive workshop to really understand stress and therefore build resilience against the negative chronic stress in our lives. Learn the simple secrets to motivating yourself. The session leaves you feeling empowered, positive and with greater sense of empathy and a contagious enthusiasm. It has been found very beneficial for even those experiencing moderate depression.

You will learn different techniques that will aid in training your body to relax. The session also teaches you to reduce aches and pains both by self care and with your team’s help. Look into learnings from communities and individuals who have overcome stress and lead a positive productive life.

A day to relax, reflect, revive and renew. The sessions include

  • Making Friends with Stress
  • Mind Body Connections
  • Healing Breathwork
  • Cleansing Movements and Postures
  • Progressive Relaxation Techniques
  • Banishing Aches, Stiffness & Pain
  • Infectious Enthusiasm and Empathy : Team Activities
  • 5 Secrets of Outlying Communities & Individuals


  • Encourages a fresh perspective to life.
  • Equips you with practical tools to deal with mental stress and physical strain.
  • Empowers you to achieve your career and health goals so that you may enjoy a more meaningful relationship with yourself and others.

Go on, contact us to conduct a Light Up session at your office, class or studio and experience the difference it brings to productivity and quality of life.

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