Ayurvedic Perfumery

Pushpa Ayurveda is a forgotten science of using floral extracts for their specific therapeutic benefits. Me Met Me is reviving this ancient knowledge, personalising it based on body type and mental nuances, through a unique process.

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What is Bespoke Ayurvedic Perfumery

Ayurveda is the Science of Life. It is a scientific eastern approach to longevity. The first basic tenet is that every individual is unique and every day is unique. Hence, what is ideal for one, may not be good for another. And what is ideal for one today, may not hold true tomorrow when the environment around changes.

Every Ayurvedic process attempts to understand the individual and blend a combination of lifestyle and therapy based on this. 

Ayurvedic Perfumery is a lost art, now being revived to help with various challenges on faces in life. 

Nuthan has designed over 90 therapeutic Mind Body Interventions. She has blended over 10 ayurvedic perfumes for conditions like insomnia, winter depression, inability to focus etc. 

She now offers  personalised blends for six different conditions. Each blend you would receive includes ingredients favorable for your body type, upcoming climatic conditions and current mental predicament.

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