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Based on our research, every few months we offer comprehensive wellbeing packages that are based on what the world needs right now.  This month we are offering a 5 Workshop Giveaway – The Joy of Living; With Her a corporate wellbeing for women – three workshops at the price of one and a Three Week Course with John Earls and Nuthan Manohar : Take Heart.

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Nuthan Manohar Free Course

The Joy of Living – Giveaway

The session starts on April 3rd

Joy Of Living is for you, if you are seeking to realise your best version – your positive destiny. The sessions teach you proven methods to become resilient to stress, stay happy and motivated and sleep deep.

5 Workshops, one each Saturday, morning and evening. Ideal for those in UK and Europe.

With Her

Three Workshops For Women at the Price of One

With Her includes a workshop on physical wellbeing, on Goddess Archetypes, one customised workshop. The sessions have been well received in Hong Kong, Singapore, Goa, Kerala and Stockholm.

Includes access to one month of daily practice sessions exclusively for women. 

Take Heart

The workshop starts on May 8th

Take Heart is a series of workshops designed to help flourish amidst uncertainty and isolation in your life. A 3 weeks workshop that includes 3 workshops and 3 morning sessions weekly and 5 recorded sessions.

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