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I Have Tried It All & Yet I Wake Up Tired

My sleep had been wonderful until it wasn’t. And when it wasn’t, it was a truly miserable phase of life. I’d lie awake in the middle of night, tossing and turning. 

It was just horrible. The sleep deprivation would leave me groggy and foggy in the day, and in the evenings I was anxious and stressed about the kind of sleep I would get that night. I tried it all – medication, mindfulness, counselling but sleep eluded me. I was exhausted.

But now my sleep is great again. It did not happen overnight. It was a slow but finite process of fine-tuning my habits to train my mind and body to fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up feeling like a million bucks. The process not only helped me sleep, it also helped me rediscover the joy of living. It helped me heal, become resilient to stress, stay happy, feel motivated and fuel me with the energy to chase my dreams. 

So welcome to Sleep Deep where you get to learn and implement the tools not only to sleep but also to live your best life. 

Sleep Whisperer

Nuthan Manohar

Wake Up Feeling Rested & Restored

The Three Rituals of Sleep

Sleep is a skill. Your body already knew how to sleep. Now you can relearn it and making it a daily habit.

 All you need is to personalise the three rituals of sleep. You will be guided every step of the way to overcome challenges that prevent you from sleeping – whatever they maybe.


Sleep is much more

One-third of your life is spent sleeping. Yet, sleep is responsible for two-third a good life.


Sleep Whisperer is an expert who listens to your body, empathises with your mind, observes your lifestyle to create the harmony you need for sleep deep. And yes it involves soothing whispering.

While stress, poor sleep hygiene, illness are often the reasons underlying insomnia - a sleep whisperer creates customised intervention to help you sleep.

Sleep Whispering goes beyond sleep. The objective is not limited to sleep but guide to you to realise your potential. This could mean healing from trauma, address behaviours and beliefs that is holding you back.

The best bed to sleep on

is peace...

The best sheet and pillow

is self love...

The best room setting

is trust...

What will you experience in the session?

Science of Sleep

Each session guides you into the science   and behaviour of sleep. We shall take time to  understand our sleep patters and what has caused us to lose our sleep.

The How To Guide

You will additionally learn about simple ways to release stress and detangle the mind. You will be guided to create a customised plan that suits your personality and lifestyle the best.

Fall Asleep

The second half of the session you are encouraged to get into bed, get under
the covers and be guided into sleep.

Take control of your sleep with Me Met Me

Sleep: Personalized Sessions

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Joseph Korah

Global Delivery Head, Cognizant Solutions

“Nuthan delivered an amazing workshop for my global team. We absolutely needed that session in midst of this pandemic. The stress management session was attended by over 60 senior leaders. I got rave reviews from the entire global team. Look forward to more sessions. ”

Neena Nair

Experience Manager , Verizon Data Services

“The sleep technique and the audio that is available on the same has helped me and my partner to sleep early and effortlessly….And the sleep has been pretty deep and undisturbed. Nuthan’s voice has got some magic to it that it puts us to deep relaxed state.”

Shanavas Bavu

Asia & Middle East Territory Manager, Flavourtech

“I have been falling asleep to Nuthan’s sleep whispers for a month now. I no longer have to depend on pills to make me sleep. The method deeply relaxes me and works every time like a charm.”

Admiral Sunil Lamba

Former Chief of Naval Staff, Indian Navy

“Nuthan has conducted wonderful yoga and training sessions for the Navy on different occasions including International Yoga Day. She is highly professional and knowledgeable in her approach and methodology.”

Diana Millos

CEO & Travel Influencer , Diana Millos

“It was everything I didn’t know I needed. Truly unforgettable. I could feel the benefits of the experience from day one. The sessions were adjusted to my level and combined with essential oils, ayurvedic diet and soothing chants.”

Sarvesh Shashi


“Your Sleep Whispers have been trending on our app ever since we released them. It’s magical.”

About Nuthan Manohar

Nuthan Manohar is an International Trainer, Primary Researcher and a TEDx speaker on wellbeing.

She conducts workshops across South East Asia, Europe and the Middle East for corporates, HR summits, yoga festivals, universities etc. She is an MBA, MSc Yoga & is also a pioneer in personalised Ayurvedic perfumery.

This year alone she has assisted over 8000 people across the globe improve the quality of their lives. Her recent clientele includes LinkedIn, Discovery Channel, EY, Cognizant, Kerala Police, Indian Navy, Yoga Alliance, Economic Times, Acuris etc.

During lockdown her sleep audios have trended on various apps like SARVA – her success could be attributed to her own experience of overcoming insomnia.

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