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Nuthan Manohar is an International Trainer, Primary Researcher, Ayurvedic Perfumery and TEDx speaker on wellbeing.She is an MBA, MSc Yoga, and has won various national and international awards in therapy and innovation including UNDP, NatGeo.She provides content for various national and international media on wellbeing.

Her clientele include Cognizant, LinkedIn, Indian Navy, Kerala Tourism, Hyatt, Indian Embassy, EY, Kerala Police, PPMA (UK), GoFrendly (Sweden) etc.Her startup Me Met Me is incubated at IIM Bangalore and assists corporates and educational institutions with issues such as stress, insomnia, etc through workshops and Personalised Ayurvedic Perfumery.

Her sessions blends behavioural science, psycho sensory interactions etc and is  inspired from Vedic wisdom.

She started her career in brand consulting and at the age of 28 she managed 11 countries in  Asia Pacific for brands like Oreo, Kraft Cheese etc. Her tenure included Mudra, Ogilvy, DraftFCB for brands like Prestige, Titan, Britannia, Mahindra, Reliance Retail etc

Also known as the sleep whisperer. Her audio has crossed 20k hours of listening in.

My Story

In retrospect everything tells me I was destined to help others feel better – body & mind.

I have had phenomenal success working in behaviour, research and strategy for various multinational brands. Had the privilege of managing 11 countries in Asia Pacific by the time I was 28, for multinational clients like Oreos, Bausch & Lomb etc. It was in 2010 that I finally decided to answer my calling into wellbeing. By then I was well acquainted with depression, anxiety, insomnia, grief, hormonal imbalances, palpitations – tiny tip of a very large iceberg of disease. My medical bills were more than my monthly salary. Thank God, for insurance.

With my years of experience in behaviour and research, I started on a journey into reclaiming joy, peace and purpose of body and mind. The greatest contribution came from traditional yoga, vedic psychology, Ayurveda and I went on to top my MBA with a MSc in Yoga, various certifcate courses etc.

During my journey I discovered my superpowers – to put people to sleep with my voice, to help humans and animals alike create happiness. And that I have a nose, unlike any other. My TEDx talk is about a lush rose oil blend that helps ease the grief and pain of a heartbreak.

My tiny startup with a large heart, Me Met Me has won various state, national and international (UNDP) accolades in the field of Yoga, Therapy, Community Betterment and Innovation. We are incubated by IIM Bangalore, backed by The Alchemist, Sunil Handa and a team of believers. I have taught across Asia, Europe and Middle East. I am the primary researcher for wellbeing (MBI based on Vedic Wellness) St Teresa’s College and have upcoming sessions at University of Innsbruck, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, Embassy of India – Hague etc. My past clients included The Indian Navy, including the Chief of Staff, Cognizant, EY, Aster Medcity, Time of India, Tata Consultancy Services, Nirbhaya, Bali Spirit Festival, Pure Yoga, Visual IQ, Kerala Tourism, Kerala Police etc.

Me Met Me is in the verge of launching into Europe with personalised Ayurvedic perfumes and workplace wellness workshops on stress, focus, insomnia, womens wellbeing, winter depression and heartbreaks.

So here we are now,  offering you relaxation, sleep and happiness through online webinars and our personalised therapuetic perfumes.

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