Mind Body Interventions

, Mind Body Interventions

Me Met Me offers you well researched and designed Mind Body Intervention modules  so that you can empower yourself to live a life of joy, peace and purpose.

 Additionally, we create customised sessions to best suit your objectives and requirements.

These interactive sessions are a blend of Yoga, Ayurveda, Behaviour and Modern Research. The workshops are

Workshops Topics

Light Up

An interactive workshop to really understand stress and therefore build resilience against the negative chronic stress in our lives. The session leaves you feeling empowered, positive and with greater sense of empathy and a contagious enthusiasm.

In Focus

Learn to develop sustained awareness. Often inability to focus or even to meditate is a result of habits and wrong techniques. Learn a compassionate way to develop focus.

Deep Sleep

A workshop that literally puts you to sleep. Learn about personal rituals that can help you snooze well. Learn about how each person is unique in their sleep patterns.

Zestful Winters

Learn about communities that thrive and flourish during winters. Learn what the ancient system of Ayurveda has to share about winter depression. How do we awaken the sun within?

Happy Period

Happy Period looks into discomforts women face in their reproductive cycle and lifespan. Identify the causes of the issues and learn a beautiful, joyful ways to lead a life of happiness.

Take Heart

Take heart is the journey of your heart, from grief, loss, pain to lightness, healing and manifestation.

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