Happy Period

From Menstruation To Menopause

Happy Period is a sacred workshop exclusively for women. It is inspired from various mindful rituals across cultures that helped women rediscover their inner radiance. The sessions are an inspiring blend of science and ancient sensibilities that help heal, energize, empower and smile. The session includes Sweetspot a body breath practice that helps you release trauma and find pleasure, use of special blends of aromatherapy oils, meditation and soothing chants.

Women juggle many roles and have less time to care for themselves, owing to this, three out of four working women are suffering from lifestyle related illnesses. Happy Period teaches methods to find health and happiness. Happy Period emphasizes on how women can have a more rewarding sense of self and lead a fulfilling life.

The session includes

Guided meditation to realign with our inner purpose, to heal the heart etc

Sweetspot  a unique body-breath and mind balancing session that helps release stress and reclaim happiness.

Aromatherapy, soothing chants, mindfulness techniques

Interactive discussion on significance of mindful rituals, life purpose, goddess archetype, peak performance etc

Creation of a support community to stay motivated and joyful

Journaling, Outdoor activities etc


Participants feel a great sense of relief, surge of joy and feel empowered

They let go of stress and learn tools that aid in stress relief

They gain a better understanding of how the brain works and why they feel guilty if they take care of themselves and thus become more responsible of their health

They see the effects of social conditioning and learn to let go of them, so that they can perform better at work.

The workshop has been conducted in Hong Kong, Bali, Stockholm, France, Pondicherry, Goa,  and Cochin. Has been featured in various TV, Newspaper etc for its practicality in dealing with lifestyle issues that effect women.

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