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Me Met Me is the story of how I reclaimed joy, peace and purpose in my own life. But first I had to get acquainted with the helplessness of depression, anxiety, insomnia, grief and various physical ailments. Personal experience and a decade of research has gone into developing workshops that have helped thousands across the globe.

And so, it gives me great joy, to invite you to learn the science and wisdom you need to steer your life towards health and happiness.

We offer you and your team, well researched and customisable modules that are designed to improve wellbeing. Our modules are a judicious blend of behavioural science, psycho sensory interactions, mind body interventions and inspired from Vedic wisdom.

This means that you will find the sessions effective, engaging and empathetic. Most of our clients experience immediate relief.

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Since 2013, Me Met Me has assisted global corporates and communities flourish across various facets of life and work. At Me Met Me, we have spent the last few months assisting thousands of people become resilient to stress, sleep deep and find meaning during these uncertain times.

Number of people assisted across Europe, Middle East & India in 2020

Our Services

Corporate Wellbeing & Personal Coaching

For Corporates, NGOs and Individuals

Wellbeing workshops for teams and individuals. We have modules ranging from one hour sessions to 3 day retreats. Topics range from stress to sleep.

Student Wellbeing Research

Student Wellbeing & Research Projects

For Educational Institutions

We love research projects and inspiring students to realise their true potential. We offer one hour sessions, 5 hour courses and  collaborate on wellbeing research.

Personalised Wellbeing Perfumery

Natural Blends Handcrafted Only For You

Pure essential oil blends personalised for your wellbeing. Contact us for a personal consultation. Blends based on your body type, mental frame & life.

Client Reviews

“Nuthan has conducted wonderful yoga and training sessions for the Navy on different occasions including International Yoga Day. She is highly professional and knowledgeable in her approach and methodology.”

Admiral Sunil Lamba

Former Chief of Naval Staff, Indian Navy

“Nuthan delivered an amazing workshop for my global team. We absolutely needed that session in midst of this pandemic. The stress management session was attended by over 60 senior leaders. I got rave reviews from the entire global team. Look forward to more sessions. ”
Joseph Korah

Global Delivery Head, Cognizant Technology Solutions

“It was everything I didn’t know I needed. Truly unforgettable. I could feel the benefits of the experience from day one.  The sessions were adjusted to my level and combined with essential oils, ayurvedic diet and soothing chants.”
Diana Millos

CEO & Travel Influencer , Diana Millos @dianamiaus

Our Clientele
Media & News

We believe that with the right nudge and guidance everyone can empower themselves to be happier and healthier. We do this through  workshops, lectures, retreats. We additionally engage our sense smell the highly potent yet often overlooked therapy to change how we think and feel.

In our sessions we prescribe simple yet powerful hacks that bring you changes that you can instantly experience. The content is a blend of behavioural science, mind body interventions, psychosensory interactions and is greatly inspired by Vedic wisdom. 

We are incubated at IIM Bangalore and collaborate with various colleges for research in wellbeing.

Nuthan Manohar 

Nuthan Manohar is a highly sought after corporate trainer. She is an MBA, MSc Yoga, and has won various awards in therapy and innovation including UNDP. She provides content for various national and international media on wellbeing.

Personalised Therapeutic Perfumery

Your personalised therapeutic perfume is blended based on a unique process inspired from Ayurveda. Your body type, upcoming season, nuances of mental predicament, all are taken into consideration prior to crafting the perfume. We have blends designed for the challenges like stress, insomnia, winter depression, focus, heartbreak and womens wellbeing.

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Corporate & Student Wellbeing Workshops

Want to know more about our group sessions? Lets schedule a 15 minute call to understand more about sessions, hours, method, pricing etc.

Wellbeing Coaching For You

We offer personlised coaching to help you face your challenges in life. Schedule a call to know more about method and pricing for personal sessions with Nuthan. 

Personalised Therapeutic Perfumery

We blend personlised therapeutic perfumes based on your bodytype, environment for challenges like stress, insomnia, etc. Scheudle a quick call to know more.
Few of Our Trending Sessions
Here are few of our popular wellbeing workshops. The sessions are based on behavioural science, mind body interventions, psychosensory interactions and greatly inspired by Vedic wisdom.

Quick Unstress

Learn the three step process to let go of stress and anxiety

Sleep Deep

Teaches you the three rituals that promotes a good night’s sleep

Instant Happiness

The 5 simple mind-body habits that greatly increase happiness.

Meaning & Motivation

Arrive at your purpose in life. Techniques to spark motivation.

Heros Mind

Student wellbeing and motivation workshops. 6 sessions designed to lead students to become resilient, joyful and successful.

Women's Wellbeing

Workshops and perfumery designed to assist with mentrual and menopausal discomfort.

Winter Depression

Student wellbeing and motivation workshops. 6 sessions designed to lead students to become resilient, joyful and successful.

Heart Break & Grief

Heart breaks can be devastating. It could be the loss of a loved one, a break up or a failure in business or project.  Sessions to help you heal and be whole.

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