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We are all unique. Wellness solutions designed at Me Met Me, for both individuals and organizations keeps this in mind. Join us to learn the wisdom you need tosteer your life towards joy peace and purpose, of both body and mind. 

Curious to know about your body type or your best fit methods to overcome life’s challenges? Call us on +919567366250 to schedule a 30 minute consultation free of cost.

Our Story

We offer customised workshops, lectures, residential retreats for corporates, institutions and individuals that focus on improving quality of life. 

Mind Body Interventions from Me Met Me is based on Vedic Wellness and Ayurvedic Perfumery. Our modules focus on six different challenges people face – stress, insomnia, inability to focus, winter depression, menstrual or menopausal discomfits and the least addressed grievance of a heartbreak. 

To ensure best results, the interventions as well as the perfumes are both personalised. After all, one size never fits everyone.

Vedic Wellness is a judicious blend of ancient Indic wisdom and modern research. It combines Yoga, Ayurveda and Behaviour for enhancing the quality of your life. The sessions delve into proven alternative solutions and is always life affirming.

How Can We Help You

Light Up

Light Up

Winter Depression

Zestful Winters

In Focus Attention Meditate ADHD

In Focus

Happy Period

Insomnia Sleep Refresh

Deep Sleep

Take Heart

Your personalised therapeutic  perfume is blended based on a unique process inspired from Ayurveda. Your body type, upcoming season, nuances of mental predicament, all are taken into consideration prior to crafting the perfume. They too have been designed for the broad six challenges we specialize in.


You have been called to live out your days with joy, peace and purpose. 

Me Met Me is for you, when you want to say yes to life.