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We are all seeking ways to live out our days joyfully, with purpose and peace. Yet, all around us are people dealing with discomforts and challenges like stress, insomnia, trauma, winter depression, menstrual or menopausal discomforts etc.

Me Met Me, offers well researched modules based on Behavioural Science, Psycho Sensory Interactions, Mind Body Interventions and is inspired from Vedic Wisdom. We also blend therapeutic perfumes based on Ayurvedaic concepts to help you with challenges like stress, insomnia etc.

To ensure best results, the interventions as well as the perfumes are both personalised. After all, one size never fits all.

Vedic Wellness is a judicious blend of ancient Indic wisdom and modern research. It combines Yoga, Ayurveda and Behaviour for enhancing the quality of your life.

Pushpa Ayurveda is a forgotten science of using floral extracts for their specific therapeutic benefits. Me Met Me is reviving this ancient knowledge, personalising it based on body type, environmental conditions and your current psychological predicament through a unique process.

The Team

As the founder and CEO of Me Met Me, Nuthan loves to assist others find joy, peace and purpose by overcoming various challenges in life.
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Consultant and Mentor for Ayurveda and Ayurvedic product formulations. An excellent trainer, researcher and clinician, he brings over 25 years of expertise and is a much cited author for his papers in over 19 international journals.

As a R&D Manager Ajish Babu loves to blend his knowledge of Chemistry, Polymers & Materials Science for creating and discover the hidden dimensions of perfumery.His experience in nanomaterials and Corporate QMS helps to create breakthrough innovations and technologies in a systematic manner.Ajish holds a bachelor’s in Engineering degree from Cochin University and currently pursuing his Masters in Materials Science from IIT Patna.

As Business Development Manager of Me Met Me, Garima loves to interact with various clients to understand their needs. She researches and finds the opportunities which help us to expand the business. She is a fresh MBA graduated from AKTU Lucknow and also holds a bachelor’s in science.

As Media and Operations Executive of Me Met Me, Anusree Tilak oversees a wide variety of initiatives for our clients — integrating the idea and to create interesting contents. She implements high-level strategy by crafting creative pitches and monitoring industry trend.Anusree began her journey with us while pursuing Engineering degree in Polymer Science & Engineering from CUSAT, Kochi.

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